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The Epistle to Philemon

This was a successful period for the apostle to the Gentiles, who saw many converts among both residents of Ephesus and visitors to the city.

Scot McKnight - Colossians and Philemon

Gospel writers Mark and Luke also received this title later in the letter [, 24]. Clearly, a kinship existed between Paul and Philemon, one that would serve a significant purpose in light of the circumstance that brought about the letter.

Introduction to Philemon | Evidence Unseen

A slave named Onesimus had escaped from his owner, Philemon, and had run away from Colossae to Rome in the hope that he could disappear into that populous, urban environment. Once in Rome, Onesimus, either by accident or by his own design, came in contact with Paul, who promptly led the runaway slave to faith in Jesus Christ. Paul had already been planning to send a letter to the Colossian church by the hand of Tychicus.

Philemon stands as one piece of strong evidence to the contrary, revealing that lofty doctrines such as the love of God, forgiveness in Christ, or the inherent dignity of humanity have real and pertinent impact in everyday life.

The book of Philemon illustrates that principles like these can and should profoundly affect the lives of believers. Paul had explained the gospel to Philemon and had witnessed the profound result: new life blossoming in a once-dead heart Philemon Paul knew that conversion is nothing to trifle with, but that it should be honored and fostered.

So Paul made a request.

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This was not some kind of cheap grace that Paul asked Philemon to offer. No, there was sacrifice required in this request, and because of that, Paul approached the topic with gentleness and care His letter to Philemon presents in full color the beautiful and majestic transition from slavery to kinship that comes as a result of Christian love and forgiveness.

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Live long enough, and you will understand the difficulty of offering forgiveness when you have been wronged. Barth makes his exposition even more useful by surveying the history of the interpretation of Philemon, from the patristic age to modern liberation theologians.

Paul gets personal

Garland , George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University.

Literary Analysis of Paul’s Letter to Philemon

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