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Mendenhall said coaches will put together a depth chart on Monday, although he cautions that it might change and noted that he will have one more scrimmage before it is finalized and the Cougars start preparing for the opener against Nebraska on Sept. Two freshmen have seemingly played their way into the two-deep: big back Francis Bernard and outside linebacker Scott Huntsman. Mendenhall called Bernard, a returned missionary from Herriman, "one of the real pleasant surprises of this fall camp" and said he is "tough, physical, consistent and reliable.

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He said Huntsman, a prospect from Coppell, Texas, who chose to walk on at BYU after receiving scholarship offers from other schools "has shown great athleticism" and will be a second-teamer based on which personnel group linebackers coaches Kelly Poppinga and Paul Tidwell are using. The Cougars were among the teams receiving votes in the Associated Press Top 25 college football poll, which was released Sunday, and would be tied for 39th if the rankings extended that far.

Any students who take the cover blurb literally and make this a one-stop volume are destined for a 2. Printers tried to dump inferior bills of exchange on millers, just as millers withheld their best rags from the stuff destined for printers. The injected energy is used to set on a high adiabat the small por tion of the fuel destined to become the ignition spark. The injected energy is used to set on a higher adiabat that small por tion of the fuel destined to become the ignition spark. I have watched in despair how they abandoned the judicial post which they, and they alone, were destined to fill.

Large cleared patches destined to be filled for house sites or roads were avoided.

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Thus, any explanation of language development that excludes all factors outside of the social realm is destined to fail. The diverse kinds and levels of literacy resulting from these educational programmes complicate our understanding of what literature and music was destined for whom. I was feeling triumphant but it was not destined to last. Recombination into worse classes is not symmetrically as deleterious, since the allele was essentially destined for extinction anyway. In particular, documents conveying multiple topics are destined to be outliers regardless of which clusters they end up in.

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The first open elections appeared destined only to endorse, through the voting ritual, a peaceful hand-over conducted without and above the population. The style was in any case destined to die out in the new climate of rococo and galant.

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The revolution, in this reading, stands for the impossible, sinful marriage that is destined to turn catastrophic. At the time, such an unpalatable work was destined to remain unpublished in the island. As inhabitants of a largely working-class area, they had escaped from the factory and their children would not be destined for factory work. Within these limits, the supernatural is destined to remain an intruder, a prodigy, and a monster. The debate that year about the state's constitutional system was seemingly destined , then, to a foregone conclusion.

The myth "of a destined and perfect union" began in and was shaped by these representations. The vast majority of spermatozoa are destined to be eliminated before reaching the ampullary region of the oviduct, the natural site of fertilisation. Similarly, on all such frontiers, the interlude in which inter-racial couples capitalized on having the best of both worlds was destined to be brief.

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However, if the commodities produced are destined for the export market, then trade taxes would seem to be the mechanism by which revenue can be extracted. The idea of oath-taking was destined to become a most important device in early modern politics, used to combat tyranny and to promote the idea of republicanism. In an ideology that placed such an emphasis upon obedience and traditional social relations, the conceptualization of the conservative female politician was destined to be problematic.

He set up a military committee which formally proposed a doublesystem of advancement : one for those destined by birth for colonelcies and above, and another for the rest.

In his ideal society, benevolent agencies of the state were destined to become the moral exemplars to which all our other social institutions ought to aspire. If the methods do not change, does the making of different theatre histories from different, more wide-ranging material remain destined in fact merely to repeat established acts of interpretation? The fact is that the mass media are dominated by commercial forces, and since no one is making enough money from this music, we are destined to be ignored.

Even though the early 20th century project was not formulated as such, the new positions established were certainly partly destined to be held by ex-clerks of the boards. Interpreting this value, it must be underlined that the harvested straw is destined only for animal bedding without any utilization in feeding or as energy source.

Is he not destined , in some order of things, to mark the great transition which, in the eyes of development and improvement to that of intellectual development and improvement. Their only claim upon it is as a temporary memorial of a loved one, inevitably destined to decay or be burned in a very short time. In a sense, the selectivity versus universality dilemma is destined to remain secondary as long as propping up a fragmented and over-stretched social insurance edifice continues to be official policy.

Pesticides and growth promotants come to mind; in particular one might wonder about stilboestrol implanted or injected in or fed to animals and poultry destined for the table. If history were marching directly to a goal, humans would be wheels in a machine, each generation destined to serve as mere means for the realization of a future bliss.

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The book is one destined to be bought by libraries rather than by individuals ; some chapters are essentially site or project reports rather than finished analyses of particular scientific questions. If the result is a book destined to become an indispensable student guide, it is also likely to form a reference volume on many a professorial desk.

In the states destined for precocious industrial development that meant the availability of easy incorporation for business purposes and state subscriptions to corporate stock, particularly in banking and transportation. There were merchants of every sort and, with the passage of time, increasing numbers of those destined to rule empires, together with the troops to defend or extend them.

In these circumstances, the constitution of a guiding bioethical perspective or consensus was destined to take on the character of morally authorizing a particular political agenda.

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With the huge expansion in scale and pace of molecular biology in the intervening years, a monograph is destined to be out-of-date the moment it is printed. In particular, an allele that is destined to be fixed will increase substantially faster than expected from its selective advantage, thereby increasing its effect on linked loci. The European capital cities which will see the greatest increase in flooding severity and frequency are:. The European capital cities which will see the greatest increase in heat wave severity and frequency are:.

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