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Fiction books:

Check page numbering, column alignment, relative fonts, sizes, and other features of standard elements such as headlines, subheadings, captions, and footnotes. Inspect each type of feature within categories, such as looking at every headline, then every caption, and so on. Proof Again Once revisions have been made, proofread the document again with the same thoroughness, rather than simply spot-checking the changes.

An insertion or deletion may have thrown off the line count, for example.

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This helps you read without regard to context. Thank you for this article, Mark. I feel these suggestions will help me tremendously with my work.

Sorry, But Speed Reading Won’t Help You Read More

Do you have any suggestions for proofreading tests? I have found 2 other ways to proofread as a blogger. My 1st draft is in Word. Another typical word process programs can work for this.

I do the spell and grammar check in Word and I proofread once. I go back to it and proofread again after at least 3 hours. The 2 other ways: 1. I transfer the piece to Windows Live Write and proofread again. I transfer this version to the online editor at my blog and proofread once again.

With this sweep, I also do another auto check of spelling and grammar. As laborious as it sounds, I first read text backwards — it forces one to concentrate on each word individually rather than their being part of a sentence, which can lead to flitting over words and missing mistakes.

Then a spell check, and a re-read front to back, and then, after a cuppa, read it again. I maintained a checklist for proof reading. Many things are common between me and this post.

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Thanks for sharing. All great comments, and I might add that I proofread out loud while standing up or walking around. Changing body position sharpens senses. Stop making those embarrassing mistakes!

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Students orally read passages designed for one-minute readings several times with appropriate expression and smoothness to increase reading rate, resulting in improved focus on comprehension. View our Fluency Standards Table for additional information about recommended reading rates.

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Fluency is a key foundational skill that helps students read complex text with greater understanding. When students read with accuracy and expression at an appropriate reading rate, their fluency supports their comprehension. Repeated reading practice with short passages improves word recognition and automaticity.

Passages are provided from Levels F to Z and are original fiction or nonfiction text that can be used for one-on-one reading, independent timed reading, or partner timed reading. Administer a one-minute reading, starting the stopwatch when the student begins the first word of the passage the student will not read titles. Tell the student that if she or he has trouble struggling for more than 3 to 5 seconds , you will say the word so she or he can keep reading.

After one minute, say "Stop," stop the stopwatch, and circle the last word read.

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During the reading, resist the urge to correct mistakes. Mistakes and self-correction will be accounted for in the score. If the student has extreme difficulty, stop the test. Reassure the student that she or he will redo the assessment after further reading practice. You should select a lower level passage for the next assessment. Follow along on your copy word by word with your pencil.

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