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Making Isaiah Plain: An Old Testament Study Guide for the Book of Isaiah

How could these verses apply to someone who is worried v. Answer Scriptural Questions Isaiah —31 contains many questions that neither the Lord nor Isaiah answered because the answers should be obvious. Read the following verses and answer the questions to yourself: 12, 13, 14, 18, 21, 25, 27, Isaiah —Who Was Cyrus? In approximately B. Cyrus made a decree shortly thereafter thatallowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their temple.

Studying the Scriptures Isaiah 48 helps us understand how the Lord deals with those who have made covenants with Him but treat those covenantsDo two of the following activities A—D as you study Isaiah 41— Think also of how you might use these teachings to keep yourself true to the faith and help others who 1. Read Isaiah —7 and Matthew —21 and tell whom the struggle in their commitment to the Lord. List two concepts from Isaiah —7 that especially impress you as a description of this servant, and explain why they impress you. Swear by v. Give an example of how this happens today. Former things v.

Betraying or breaking Utter v. Write about a situation today in which someone could make Defer v. Studying the ScripturesNote: This chapter is the beginning of several consecutive chapters Do two of the following activities A—C as you study Isaiah You may want tocompare what is written in the Book of Mormon to what is Note the Changeswritten in Isaiah, making note of any changes and how those 1. Compare Isaiah —2 with 1 Nephi —2. How are theychanges might add to the meaning. For each of the following verses, write one word you think best describes what the Lord said about the Israelites: 4, 6, 8.

The words do not have to be from the verses. Make a list from Isaiah —22 of promises the Lord made to —20; the straying Israelites. Give an example of how the Lord fulfills these promises for54 3 Nephi 22 people today. Write in your own words what the Lord said we must do in order to have peace and happiness see Isaiah — There is a very important addition to Isaiah 49 in 1 Nephi Scattered Israel Read 1 Nephi and write whom the Lord was speaking to in this chapter.

In what ways do you think the description of these peopletheir Redeemer. If you read 1 Nephi 22 you willbetter understand the message of Isaiah 48— The basic theme of Isaiah 49 is the gathering, or the redemption, of Israel. Find a verse or verses that answers the followingKnowing that Nephi read these writings to more fully persuade questions about the redemption of Israel: Who?

As you read Isaiah 49, as well as apply after each question. You may also want to underline thesechapters 50—53, look for teachings that strengthen your faith in verses in your scriptures and write what question each versethe saving power of Jesus Christ. Remember that while we often speak of the Israelites gathering as a group, we should realize that the gathering occurs as each individual is personally gathered to the Lord and His Church. We can look at the gathering of Israel out from among their enemies in ancient times as similar to our own personal gathering to the Lord from the captivity of sin and unrighteousness.

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Understanding the Scriptures Isaiah 50Isaiah 49 Sucking child v. Quiver v. The invitation in Isaiah 50 to follow the Lord is similar to the one King Benjamin gave to his people in Mosiah Isaiah 53 Oppressed v. Tender v. What the Savior endured to accomplish the Atonement. Grief s vv. What motivated Him to do such an incredibly difficult and Esteemed him not v. Borne v. Describe the two kinds of people Isaiah spoke of in verses Stricken vv. Punishment 2. Think of a situation faced by people your age. Give an Stripes v. Intercession v. After readingFollowing the same hopeful theme of the previous chapters, the verses referred to in the second column, find a verse inIsaiah 51—52 is filled with encouraging words for those who Isaiah 53 that seems to prophecy of the event you read about.

Intrust the Lord. Isaiah 53 and what it says about the Savior. Individuals in bondage to sin may liken these scriptures tothemselves and receive this message: the Lord will give Verse in Isaiah 53 Fulfillment Explanationpowerful help to His children who have strayed but who now Matthew —58put their trust in Him and keep His commandments. Do activities A and B as you study Isaiah Compare Isaiah —2 to 2 Nephi —51 where Jacob seemed to be using the words of Isaiah. In your own words, explain what these verses mean to you.

As you write your answer, read John —14 or John —35, 47—51 for help. In speaking to the scattered and captive children of Israel in Scripture Mastery—Isaiah —9Isaiah 54, the Lord compared His relationship with them to a 1. Draw a diagram that represents the message of Isaiah —9. Although they were separated for a time, 2.

How is the message of these verses one of comfort? He promised to receive them back with mercy and kindness and 3. Isaiah 56Isaiah 55 The Lord Saves All NationsAn Invitationfrom the Lord Isaiah 56 records that the Lord said He would save the children of Israel and would also offer the same blessings to anyone else Isaiah 55 is another call from the who desired them. His warnings continue through chapter Isaiah 57 records the strong words HeUnderstanding the Scriptures spoke against idol worshipers. He again used the symbol of marriage to represent the covenant relationship between IsraelIsaiah 55 Thither v.

If those who made covenants with the Lord were from symbolically married to Him, then those Israelites whoWherefore v. Isaiah also spoke of what the Lord would do for those who stayed true. Consequently, the Lord used words likeheir to the throne of David. Isaiah 58 2. For each principle you listed, give an example of how someone could follow that principle on the Sabbath. ThenFasting and the Sabbath give an example of how someone might violate that principle on the Sabbath. Before and as you read Isaiah 58, think about the following Isaiah 59questions: What is the purpose of fasting?

What is the purpose of Sins and Consequenceskeeping the Sabbath day holy? What blessings have youreceived from keeping the Sabbath day holy? In Isaiah —15, the Lordthat helps them combine their told Israel their sins and explained that as long as they continued instrength to pull a wagon or Waste v. Yoke in this verse destroyed consequences of those sins. On the other hand, in verses 16—21, thesymbolically represents Lord spoke about the help He will give the righteous. If thou turn away thy footDeal v. In Isaiah —14, the Lord gave us principles that help us Isaiah In chapter 60, know how to keep his Sabbath day holy.

List these principles. Isaiah spoke of a day of Read Doctrine and Covenants —14 and add to your list darkness on the earth when principles of keeping the Sabbath day holy. Zion will be rebuilt, and stand out as a bright light, and have all nations of the earth honor her and look to her for leadership. In the first Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

However, the mission more fully applies to the Understanding the ScripturesSavior, and Isaiah simply represented Him to the people. Theseverses can help describe the mission of all who are called to Isaiah —9represent the Savior. Apparel vv. Meek v. The Lord promisedBind up v. Read also Doctrine and Covenants —53 and find answerswicked and rewards the to the following questions about the Second Coming:righteous 1.

How will the Lord be dressed? Why will He dress this way? Studying the Scriptures 3. What will the Lord say? What emotions will the Lord feel? Do activity A as you study Isaiah Explain the Fulfillment 1. Read Luke —21 and explain what Jesus said about Isaiah —3. Write about ways you know the Savior fulfilled the prophecies in these verses or ways He continues to fulfill these prophecies. Isaiah 62The Redemption of Isaiah 64the House of IsraelIsaiah 62 again describes the blessings that will come to the The Prayer ofhouse of Israel in their day of redemption.

These promises could the Righteousalso apply to individuals who have repented and gathered toJesus Christ and the Church—the blessings are the same. Isaiah 64 is written in the form of a prayer. The prayer expresses a desire for the Lord to come and destroy the wickedIsaiah 62 also teaches that Isaiah and other servants of the Lord and reward the righteous. List what you learn from Isaiah —25 about theof Jesus Christ as our Savior in that plan. In Isaiah we readabout events that occurred in the premortal life as well as Millennium. Isaiah 65—66 2.

From what you wrote, what do you think you would most likespeaks about the Millennium. In verses 1—16 of Isaiah 65,however, the Lord concluded His message to the Israelites of to experience if you were to live during the Millennium? He told them He had always been available tohelp and redeem them see vv. WaitEven in punishing Israel, we sense the great love that the Lord upon the Lord and you and the whole world will know the dayhas for them and for all people. Understanding the ScripturesIsaiah —25 Inhabit vv. He was one of see 1 Nephi The last king in Jerusalem, see 2 Kings 22— The leaders and people of Judah Getting Ready to Study Jeremiahworried that Babylon would also conquer their small nation, so forprotection they attempted to form an alliance with Egypt.

Jeremiah Like Isaiah, Jeremiah was a very expressive writer, using muchwarned the nation to repent and seek deliverance from the Lord poetry and symbolism in his teachings. Like the prophet Mormon ininstead of from Egypt or any other country. Jeremiah Jews from their promised land into was greatly persecuted because of his preaching.

Lehi and his family were warned After the judgments that Jeremiah prophesied were fulfilled, the by the Lord to flee Jerusalem to escape Lord promised He would again have mercy on the children of the the destruction that soon happened at covenant and gather them back to Him, which is a pattern the the hands of the Babylonian army.

As a Lord has followed to this day. Jeremiah 1 3. How can a patriarchal blessing and the teachings of the prophets help you see what you were foreordained to do? How would you react 1. Find and describe what the Lord said to Jeremiah in JeremiahWhat could inspire you to fulfill this mission? Jeremiah 1 —11, 17—19 that you think helped him overcome his worriesrecords what the Lord told Jeremiah about his mission. As you about preaching the gospel.

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Take time to also think about what the Lord hascalled you to do and the preparation that you need to make in Jeremiah 2—3order to succeed. Much of what theSanctified thee v. Jeremiah best describes theirRod v. InGird up thy loins v. Israel was unfaithful to her husband theminister to the inhabitants of the world was ordained to that very Lord , so He divorced or rejected her see v. Jeremiah 3 also contains promises that the Lord will take IsraelStudying the Scriptures and Judah back if they will repent and humble themselves before Him. This return is what we call the gathering of Israel see vv.

Do activities A and B as you study Jeremiah 1. Scripture Mastery—Jeremiah —5 Jeremiah 4—6Jeremiah was foreordained to be a prophet. Before We Came to Earth1. They participated in different forms of2. Because they observedchosen before he was born? When the priests and the people became wicked in the days of Eli the priest, the Lord allowed theThrough Jeremiah, the Lord told Judah that He was not pleased Philistines to destroy the tabernacle and capture the ark.

Later,with them and proclaimed destruction upon them because of the Israelites of the Northern Kingdom built at Shiloh a temple for idolway they pretended to be righteous. You will find examples of worship that the Assyrians destroyed. List what Jeremiah said in Jeremiah —22 that the peopleIf you want to be with your family eternally and enjoy eternal had to do to worthily attend the temple.

Just being married inthe temple, however, does not guarantee us a place in the 2. What are the requirements to worthily enter the templecelestial kingdom with Heavenly Father and our families. We today? Ask one of your leaders if you do not know.

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  6. According to Jeremiah —15, what did the Lord say wouldfaithfully to the end. Elder J. If a man who is dishonest in his personal life, as ityou read, look for what Jeremiah said defines true righteousness. Jeremiah 7 Intercession v. The people of Judah offered sacrifices in the temple, but theyfairly Paid close attention did not obey the Lord in their daily lives.

    BallardOppress not v. According to Jeremiah —28, what were theacceptable in the sight of God Desolate v. Abominations vv. What did the Lord want the Jews to do in addition todisgust God worshiping in the temple? Apply this principle to sacrament meeting. What do youJeremiah did not tell the people that the temple was unimportant; think the Lord really wants from us in addition to ourthe people felt that because they worshiped in the temple they attendance at sacrament meeting?

    Jeremiah 8 speaks more of the judgments that would come upon the people of Judah, especially their wicked leaders. As in other chapters, chapter 8 teaches that one of the biggest problems among Judah and her leaders was that they believed they had no sin and, therefore, they would be protected against their enemies. Jeremiah 9—10 destroyed the people because of this inability to change. Jeremiah 9 is famine in the land. Jeremiah speaks in verse 13, and the Lord again idols.

    Jeremiah 10 ends with a prayer of sadness. Jeremiah worried that he was included in the judgments the Lord described. In What Pleases the Lord? What did the Lord say He glories or delights in? How can we but that he should not try to defend his people. They chose, however, the seeminglyJeremiah 11 is about the importance of making covenants with easier and more worldly waysthe Lord. The Lord reminded the people of Judah that He made of idol worship and other falsespecial covenants with them as a people from the time Moses led religions. The Lord continuedthem out of Egypt. Because they continually broke those to give the Israelites evidence of His power, such as when Elijahcovenants, they would be punished.

    Jeremiah 11 ends with a met the priests of Baal on Mount Carmel see 1 Kings The Lord said judgments would seemed too difficult. What they did not realize was that His wayespecially come upon those people. Unfortunately, the time comes when the only way the Lord can show people that He isJeremiah 12 tells how the Lord explained to Jeremiah why the the only true and living, all-powerful God is to allow them to bewicked sometimes seem to prosper.

    The Lord assured him that cast out where they must trust in their false gods for deliverance,justice will eventually come upon the wicked. In addition, He knowing the gods cannot save anyone because they have no lifesaid that the righteous are also eventually rewarded for their or power. The Lord promised to use this method in Jeremiah The message in Jeremiah 16 is not all negative, however.

    The gathering of Israel , which can make them incapable of changing. The Lord is something we can participate in today. Defiled v. Cut themselves, nor makethemselves bald v. Pottery and Judah What? Jeremiah often used objects to teach his message. He used one in A stranger to Israel comes upon the land vacated by the Jews each chapter of Jeremiah 18— In chapter 18, Jeremiah was when they were taken into Babylon. When a potter makes an object happened and why, what would you tell him? The Lord said that all people are like clay being worked by a potter and that He was Scripture Mastery—Jeremiah reworking the people of Judah.

    Read Jeremiah —16 and tell what the Lord promised to Jeremiah 19 tells about a finished piece of pottery. After Jeremiah explained the sins of Judah and what would happen do in the latter days for Israel. He taught 2. The peopleseemed to be permanently fixed on sin see vv. We learnholy vv. Jeremiah prayed for the people vv. Jeremiah —8, 19—27 Jeremiah prophesied against the man who put him in stocks, but he alsoMaketh flesh his arm v.

    Hea mortal man did what the Lord wanted him to do Hallow vv. Sometimes those who follow the Lord with all their hearts Jeremiah 23 tells character when we read that he did not quit preaching, because that the Lord spoke about false prophets among the people. Jeremiah determined to continue to prophets led people to sin and to believe false ideas. We also trust in the Lord and preach the word regardless of the learn from this chapter about some differences between true and consequences. His courage is a model for us all. Look for how this statement What Would You Say?

    Jeremiah felt badly because of his trials. He was suffering for doing what he knew was right. Write what you would say to Jeremiah —8 is of great importance because Jeremiah him at this time to comfort and encourage him. Folds v. The only choice Jeremiah gave the Jews was to stay in Dismayed v. Execute, executed vv. Perhaps the order of the two chapters teaches us Swearing v. Earlier, the Lord Folly v. Return vv. Read Jeremiah —2, 9—11, 13—14, 16—27, 29—32 and list what the Lord said false prophets were saying and doing. Choose one item you listed and explain why that action or teaching would make someone a false prophet.

    Why do you think people follow false prophets? Why is it vital to know and follow a true prophet? How can you discern a false prophet? Note thatword. All prophets are teachers. There are also false prophets or this prophecy will be fulfilled mostly in the latter days. Jeremiah 24 Jeremiah 27—28 is one story. As directed by the Lord, Jeremiah made a yoke and put it on his neck. A yoke is Good and Bad Fruit something put on the neck for the purpose of carrying burdens.

    The yoke symbolized captivity or slavery. He warned thatrotten figs that some Jews would be taken captive to false prophets might teach otherwise, but the captivityBabylon for their good and then be able to return to their would certainly happen. Jeremiah told King Zedekiah that ifhomeland at some future time. Babylon, they would not be destroyed. As a sign that his words would be fulfilled, he prophesied that Jeremiah 25—26 Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, would carry away the rest of the treasures and holy articles from the temple.

    The Rejecting Prophets prophecy was fulfilled. Leads to Captivity Jeremiah 28 tells of another man, Hananiah, who alsoJeremiah 25—26 is similar to the order and theme of claimed to be a prophet. He prophesied that God wouldJeremiah 21— In chapter 25, Jeremiah prophesied with break the yoke of Babylon within two years. Jeremiah saidcertainty that Babylon would conquer Judah because they that time would prove whether he was right or wrong.

    Therejected the words of Jeremiah and other prophets such as Lord, however, inspired Jeremiah to tell Hananiah that hisLehi. Furthermore, Jeremiah prophesied that Judah would prophecies were not true and that he would shortly die. The rest of the chapter isabout the destruction of other wicked nations. This chapter Studying the Scripturesteaches that God punishes unrighteous people, regardless ofwhat nation they are in or from.

    Do activity A as you study Jeremiah 27— Jeremiah 26 records events prior to and helps explain somehistory of chapter Because of his message, which still left some hope for Jeremiah 27—28 gives an example of a true prophet and adeliverance through repentance, leaders in Judah wanted false one. Read Deuteronomy —22; Doctrine andJeremiah killed.

    Where are we?

    We also read of a prophet named Urijah Covenants —12; ; and Articles of Faith Then tellwho was killed for delivering a similar prophecy. This fact how we can know whether a person is truly sent from Godhelps explain why the judgment was so certain in to preach. He told them to build houses, plant gardens, and be prepared to live there and enjoy Babylon the best they could.

    Book of Isaiah Overview

    He again said they would be there for seventy years. He promised them that if they sought the Lord with all their hearts see v. Jeremiah cursed those who were still in Jerusalem and trusted in the teachings of false prophets who promised immediate deliverance from the Babylonians.

    He also cursed a false prophet who was sending false messages to the Jews in Babylon. Do activity A as you study Jeremiah The Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible helps us understand that verse 12 should say the bruise is not incurable, although it is very How Could It Help? The promise was fulfilled at the coming of Jesus Christ and will be fulfilled again at the Second Coming.

    At the time the Babylonians conquered the kingdom of Judah List the Consequencesand took them captive, the people of Judah wondered if God had 1. Read Jeremiah —7, 12—15 including the Joseph Smithforsaken them and the covenant He made with Abraham to givethem the land of Canaan and to be a blessing to the rest of the Translation in the footnotes and describe what happened to theworld through the truths and blessings He gave them.

    They Israelites because they forsook their God and worshiped idols. How are the consequences of idol worship like theHe made to establish the descendants of David as kings in Israel consequences of sin today? Read Jeremiah 8—11, 16— How is what the Lord promised to do for Judah in captivity like what He could do to helpJeremiah was told to write rather than speak the prophecy in someone captive to sin?

    Jeremiah 30— Since Jeremiah was in jail at the time, thewritten word would still allow the words of a prophet to reach Jeremiah 31the people. Also, although the people did not listen to Jeremiahat the time this revelation was given, if it were written down The Gathering of Israelthe people who were in captivity might be more teachable andcould read it at a later time. Also note that the prophesy isdirected to both Judah and Israel. Israel was taken by theAssyrians over years before the time the Lord gave Jeremiahthe message in this chapter.

    As you read Jeremiah 30, look for what the Lord said about Jeremiah 31 continues the message begun in chapter This message could also apply to someone captive of Israel, both the gathering to Jerusalem from captivity in to sin who feels lost to God. Perhaps he might feel the Lord had ancient times and the gathering to Jesus Christ and His also forsaken him.

    As you read, look also for a personal message Church in the latter days from all places in the world where someone could get from this chapter. Israel had been scattered. Devour, devoured v. Satiate vv. Jacob [Israel] and mother ofJoseph and Benjamin Replenished v. Write a brief explanation forUnaccustomed v. According to Jeremiah —34, when did the Lord make theBear the reproach v.

    Carry the shame Ordinances vv. Describe how and why the new covenant is different than theBowels v. Waymarks v. Israel is gathered in two ways: physically and Jeremiah Buys Landspiritually. For individual members of the house of Israel the twogatherings may occur at the same time, or they may occur Jeremiah 32 records that in order to impressively teach that theseparately.

    Because these two gatherings have occurred at different children of Israel would be gathered back to their promisedtimes throughout history and will yet occur in the future, scriptures lands, even after the Babylonian destruction, the Lordabout the gathering of the house of Israel can be confusing. He then toldJeremiah —30 certainly applies to the physical gathering of the Jeremiah to keep the title in a safe place as evidence of thisfamily of Israel from the lands in which they were scattered and prophecy.

    The power of the Babylonians made this seemcaptive to their promised lands. But these verses may also apply to impossible, but with God nothing is impossible see v. It isthose who are spiritually gathered to the Lord and His Church. The reference in Jeremiah to Ephraim being the firstborn refers to this position of heir tothe birthright.

    Chapter 33 speaks of a]. It incorporates the fullness Studying the Scripturesof the gospel. Jeremiah 36 records that the Lord told Jeremiah to write all the prophecies he made against Israel, Judah, and other nations. Read Jeremiah — In what ways does Jesus Christ eternally fulfill the got the writings, and read them to the king. The kingroles of king, priest, and sacrifice for His people? Jeremiah—17; 3 Nephi — The prophecy was that no descendant of Jehoiakim would be king—a prophecy Jeremiah 34 which came to pass. Condemnation of Jeremiah 37—44 Zedekiah and the Jews Babylon Conquers JudahJeremiah 34 contains prophecies Jeremiah made about what wouldhappen to King Zedekiah and also about what would happen to Jeremiah 37—44 is mostly historical.

    This section briefly tells thethe people of Judah. In Jeremiah 34, the Lord specifically story of Jeremiah during the time Judah was destroyed bycondemned the people of Judah for having slaves and servants Babylon and many people were taken captive. Jeremiah 37 tells that the Egyptian army marched to Judah at the time the Babylonians sometimes called Chaldeans in these Jeremiah 35 chapters were conquering the land of Judah.

    When the Babylonians heard Egypt was coming, they left for a while. This The Rechabites withdrawal gave Judah the false hope that Egypt would save them. Jeremiah told Zedekiah this would not happen. Because ofJeremiah 35 records events that actually occurred several years this prophecy, Jeremiah was put in a dungeon. Later, Zedekiahbefore those in previous chapters. We know this because allowed him to be released, but he still remained under arrest. Jehoiakim mentioned in v.

    They continual message that they should allow themselves to be takenlived outside of the cities in tents and never settled in one place. They thought the messageThe Rechabites followed certain traditions given by the leader of was especially bad for the morale of the fighting men, so they hadtheir group.

    These traditions were not part of their religion, but Jeremiah thrown into a dungeon that was worse than the firstthey followed the rules and traditions very faithfully.

    The Lord one. An Ethiopian eunuch named Ebed-melech had Jeremiahused these people as an object lesson. The lesson was this: the removed from the dungeon, and Jeremiah once again appearedRechabites faithfully keep human traditions, but the people of before Zedekiah. He reminded the king that if he were obedient,Judah cannot keep the commandments of a living God— all would be well. But the king did not heed the counsel. The Lord promised to bless the Rechabites for their Jeremiah 39 tells about the destruction of Jerusalem, the capturesincerity and faithfulness. The group who saved Baruch the Scribe him traveled to the Western Hemisphere and are commonly known as the people of Zarahemla in the Book of Mormon see Omni —19; Helaman The Babylonians treated Jeremiah well.

    At the end of chapter 39, the Lord promised to bless Ebed-melech for his kindness to Jeremiah. Jeremiah 40 records that the Babylonians completely freed Jeremiah. They suggested that he go live with Gedaliah, whom they assigned to govern the land, and Jeremiah did. Jews from surrounding lands began to gather to Mizpah, where Gedaliah A man named Johanan found out that some Jews Jeremiah 46—51planned to kill Gedaliah, but Gedaliah would not let Johanando anything to thwart the plan. Destruction of NationsJeremiah 41 tells how a man named Ishmael killed Gedaliah.

    Jeremiah 46—51 records prophecies about the destruction ofIshmael and his men also killed all who were living with several nations surrounding Israel and why each would beGedaliah, whether they were Jews or Babylonians. Johanan destroyed. From Babylon see Jeremiah 50—51 would all be destroyed. Perhaps the purpose for all these messages of destruction is to teach, especially to the house of Israel, that not only will theJeremiah 42 names Jeremiah among the group that moved to Lord punish the wickedness of His people, He will also punishChimham.

    Johanan went to Jeremiah and asked if he would the wickedness of all people, regardless of their nation. The goodinquire of the Lord concerning their plans to go to Egypt. They news for Israel is that although the Lord will destroy all thesepromised that whatever the Lord said, they would do. Jeremiah other nations, He promised to preserve His people and notsaid they should not go to Egypt. He said if they stayed in the completely destroy them see Jeremiah — The messagesland of Judah, the Lord would protect them, but if they went to of destruction are also symbolic of the destruction of the wickedEgypt, they would die by the sword, by famine, or by some in the last days.

    When they got there, Jeremiah prophesied that Nebuchadnezzar,the Babylonian king, would conquer Egypt as well. Butinstead, they trusted in their own judgment. Jeremiah 45 Jeremiah 52 is a fitting end to the book of Jeremiah. Chapter 52 gives an account of when Babylon conquered Jerusalem, the The Righteous capital of Judah, and either killed or took captive a large number Also Have Trials of the people of Judah.

    The Lord, however, promised him no deliverance Pitched against it v. Camped around in preparation brass vv. Like those who have Besieged v. Studying the Scriptures temple destroyed, and walls of Jerusalem destroyed. After each event, give the verse that describes the event. Do activities A and B as you study Jeremiah Write an Explanation List the Events in Order Write a letter to the people of Judah who were captive in Jeremiah 52 tells about events in the fall of Jerusalem. Consider Babylon. Explain why their city was destroyed and why they the following events and use what you read in the chapter to list were in captivity.

    The Lamentations of JeremiahThe word lamentation means weeping or crying with great sorrow. Elder Theodore M. As you read, you might look for thefollowing points: Lamentations 1, like all of the chapters in Lamentations, gives examples of the heartache Elder Burton spoke of. Enemies Solitary v. Provinces v. Treacherously v. Servitude v. In Lamentations —11, Jeremiah spoke as himself. In verses 12—22, he spoke as if he were the whole country of Judah. The other choice is to humble ourselves, repent, and begin to be reconciled Lamentations 2—4 to the Lord.

    Why Judah Was Punished Lamentations 5 contains a lamentation of humility. In this prayer-like lamentation, Jeremiah speaks for the people whoLamentations 2—4 are expressions of sadness over what realized their sins and desired forgiveness. Lamentations 2 clearly statesthat the Lord punished His people because of their sins and for Understanding the Scripturestheir own good.

    Lamentations 3 contains the expressions of apeople that feel forsaken by the Lord but still trust and find Lamentations 5 Peril v. Ravished v. How Can You Tell? List words and phrases from Jeremiah 5 that indicate the people were truly repentant. Explain why you chose each word or phrase. One Read and reflect on the second Article of Faith. There is,choice is to cover your sins. What can you do if you find yourself in the circumstance described in Lamentations , and how can the doctrine explained in the second Article of Faith help you? Ezekiel was among the grouptaken captive to Babylon.

    About five years later he was called to be Jerusalem Ezekiela prophet to the Jews in captivity. He tried to help the people learnfrom their mistakes. Jeremiah tried to save thepeople from destruction and Ezekiel tried to help his people If we were to choose a main theme of the book of Ezekiel, it mightunderstand that their captivity resulted from their wickedness.

    The following outline shows six major topics in the book of Ezekiel: Understanding the Scriptures1. Prophecies condemning the sins of the people in the land of Ezekiel 2 Scorpions v. Prophecies calling the Jews in Babylon to repentance see Forbear vv. Prophecies concerning the destruction of the countries Prickly weeds a symbol for the trouble people might give Lamentations, mourning, surrounding Israel who were their enemies see Ezekiel 25—32 Ezekiel when he delivers his woe v.

    Prophecies about the gathering of Israel and other events in messages preparation for the Second Coming see Ezekiel 33—39 Ezekiel —10; —3—The Lord Asked Ezekiel to6. Revelation Delivered vv. Because the glory of God and heaven are Cleave v. Some standing on the wall of a city Reprover v.

    Ezekiel 2—3. A Difficult Mission 1. Search Ezekiel 2—3 and list reasons you think Ezekiel would have had a difficult mission. For each reason, list a verse to support your idea. The Watchman Ezekiel 8— Read Ezekiel —21 and describe the calling of a watchman. Why Jerusalem Was Conquered2. What does Ezekiel —21 teach us about the importance of fulfilling our callings?

    You may want to cross-reference these verses to Jacob Ezekiel 8—11 contains an account of a vision the Lord gave Ezekiel. This vision helped the exiles people who were in captivity in Babylon know what happened to Jerusalem and why it happened. Ezekiel 8 tells about the wickedness of the people of Jerusalem, including their religious leaders. Ezekiel 11 provides some hope for future generations by prophesying that the Lord would gather His people back to their promised lands and renew their covenant relationship. How are you a part of what is spoken of in these verses, or how is the Lord fulfilling these promises today?

    As with Jeremiah, the Lord had Ezekiel use objects and Explain the Phrasesphysical symbols to teach the people in ways they were more Read Ezekiel and describe what you think the difference islikely to notice and remember. Ezekiel 12—17 Ezekiel 6—7 Why Captivity? The Lord also revealed why thesedestruction of Jerusalem, so he speaks of this event as being in events would happen and told Ezekiel to preach repentance tothe future. In the prophecies in chapters 6—7, the Lord especially those in captivity. Ezekiel 12 assures the Jews that more would be taken captive.

    The survivors would be able to bear testimony that God trulyis the living God and that His words were fulfilled. Ezekiel 13 tells that the Lord condemned false prophets who pretended to speak in His name and others who led people away from Him in various ways. Ezekiel 14 records that Jewish leaders came to Ezekiel seeking Defiled vv. The Lord told them He would not counsel them until immoral with 8, 13 —Charged interest whenthey stopped seeking answers from idols as well.

    He emphasized giving loansthat each individual must be righteous in order to endure the Come near to v.

    2. Why did God give health principles to His people?

    Many other times in upon Performedthe scriptures, the Lord compared the children of Israel to a vineor a vineyard see Isaiah 5; Jacob 5. Pledge vv. Do activities A and B as you study Ezekiel Ezekiel 17 includes a parable the Lord revealed to Ezekiel thattaught the people they should not seek deliverance from Egypt Apply the Scriptureswhile in bondage but rather to submit to the Babylonians andthe Lord would eventually redeem them. How could you use Ezekiel —18 to help someone who lives in a home where he or she is not encouraged in righteous activities?

    You may want to cross-reference these verses to the second Article of Faith. Ezekiel 18 Identify Important PrinciplesResponsibility for Sin Read Ezekiel —32 and find what the Lord taught about sin, repentance, enduring to the end, and How he feels about those in sin.

    Write at least four one-sentence statements that summarize the principles taught in these verses. In what ways are you like or unlike your parents? Some people, however, Ezekiel 19—20 is especially to and about the leaders of thecontinue to blame their parents or others for things they Jews. In chapter 19, the Lord used two parables to teach thathave power to change. They even had foolishness. Their proverb saying was instruction from the Lord through Ezekiel. The Lord calledpartially true.

    The fathers had not properly taught the them to repentance for seeking the Lord while also seekingchildren in the ways of the Lord nor had they created an revelation from others gods. In Ezekiel —44, the Lordenvironment where their children would be more likely to promised He would give a future generation of Israelitesgrow up faithful to the laws of God. This time, however, Hethe truth and teach people ways they must repent. Each promised He would gather Israel from all nations where theygeneration has the opportunity to choose whether to listen and were scattered.

    The Lord clearly taught this element of the principle of The remarkable events mentioned as part of the gathering inagency in this chapter. Ezekiel 18 Eaten upon the mountains vv. Then they truly come to know who they are and who their Lord 6, 11, 15 —Participated in idol and God is see vv. Teeth are set on edge v. Ezekiel —44 Sojourn v.

    The Lord somewhere that is not your told Ezekiel not to mourn for her as a sign to the Jews that theyMighty hand, stretched out real home should not mourn the destruction of Jerusalem and the kingdomarm vv. Purge v. Do activity A as you study Ezekiel 19— Explain the message of these verses by describing the following key ideas in your own words: mighty hand v. Ezekiel 21 explains that someof the righteous will suffer in this destruction as well. This CanaanAmmonsuffering, which some people may think unfair, happens Moabbecause the Lord honors the agency of His children. Since the time theJews were captive in Babylon, they have not reestablished theirkingdom.

    Jesus Christ will be the only king in their future. Ezekiel 22 discusses the many sins for which Jerusalem was Watchmen on the Towerdestroyed. Looking at which sins caused the Lord to allowthem to be destroyed helps us understand what is offensive inHis sight. Ezekiel 23 is another chapter where the Lord referred to the Why are parents and leaders at every level of Churchcountries of Israel Samaria and Judah Jerusalem as women government so concerned about teaching people andwho chose to be harlots.

    The comparison shows us how strongly encouraging them to repent? Throughout history, people have had to guard against attack 1. One of the favorite activities of the youth is to watch moviesfrom neighboring tribes or nations. As part of their plan for on video. These videos are often below the standards of theprotection they built towers on the walls of their cities and Church.

    What should the parents do? The bishop? The Youngplaced watchmen in the towers to watch for approaching Men and the Young Women presidents? The youth? If the people ignored the watchmen, they placedthemselves at great risk. At the same time, if watchmen did not 2. In addition to other practice times, the soccer coachdo their duty, an entire city could be destroyed. He put on righteousness as a breastplate, and a helmet of salvation on His head : No man stepped forward to work with the LORD, so the LORD puts on his armor and goes forth to destroy His enemies, protect His people, and glorify His name!

    Most people don't pick up the connection between Isaiah and Paul's comments on our spiritual armor in Ephesians In that passage, Paul calls that armor the whole armor of God , and it is God's armor in the sense that it belongs to Him - after all, He uses it here in Isaiah - and He allows us to use it to fight for Him. We may see a connection. If we don't put on the armor of God and fight for Him, then eventually God will put it on Himself and fight for His glory.

    But God's preference is to work in and through us, with us using His armor. The end result will be wonderful: So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. In His ultimate victory - which He wants us to share in, but will accomplish with or without us - the glory of the LORD will be known and respected from east to west.

    Even if they come in like a flood , and seem unstoppable, the LORD will lift up a battle- standard against him , and he will be stopped. God gives His people the glorious privilege of being more than conquerors Romans , but will win it with or without us. The Redeemer will come to Zion : After speaking in the third-person through the prophet, now the LORD speaks in the first-person through the prophet.

    When He speaks, He declares: the Redeemer - the goel - will come to Zion. The goel - sometimes translated kinsman-redeemer , here simply as Redeemer -had a specifically defined role in Israel's family life. The kinsman-redeemer was responsible to buy a fellow Israelite out of slavery Leviticus He was responsible to be the "avenger of blood" to make sure the murderer of a family member answered to the crime Numbers He was responsible to buy back family land that had been forfeited Leviticus And he was responsible to carry on the family name by marrying a childless widow Deuteronomy In these, we see that the goel , the kinsman-redeemer, was responsible to safeguard the persons , the property , and the posterity of the family.

    He is our near kinsman because He has added perfect humanity to His deity. He is the one who buys us out of slavery. He is the one who avenges wrongs done to us. He protects our inheritance, and blesses and guards our posterity. Who does the Redeemer come to? To those who turn away from transgression. The goel only worked for those who asked for His services, and knew they needed Him. My Spirit who is upon you, and My words … shall not depart from your mouth … from this time and forevermore : The covenant God makes with His people promises an abiding Spirit and an enduring word.

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