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The ISTP personality is known as the mechanic, virtuoso or craftsman and enjoy finding practical solutions to the problems around them.

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If you want to understand the ISTP then these 5 books will help you do that. They all talk about understanding the ISTP but from different angles. Maybe you want to be able to relate to the ISTP. Maybe you are an ISTP and want to break free from your limitations. Or maybe you have an ISTP employee and want to help them progress.

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One is a guide to the practitioner side of the ISTP and one is a portrait of the crafter side. If so these books could help you to understand why and make sure that if you progress to new jobs in an organization, they will be aligned with you.

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These books help you avoid work that you will probably dislike. No one wants to spend years at uni only to hate their chosen career so use this to align yourself with something you love. Some people are naturally more introverted than others and are happy to be alone. What about you? Do you tend to avoid others and spend a lot of time alone?

Are you a social butterfly?

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Or perhaps you fall somewhere in between? Take this test to find out! Think shopping sprees, overeating, firing off an offensive response, breaking a relationship that had a potential. It could help you seize opportunities and make your life more fun. But for the most part, it gets us in trouble. If being impulsive is your default mode of operation, you may appear reckless and out of control. You can measure your impulsivity here. Do you secretly enjoy the fact that other people are afraid of you?

Is it important for you to convince everyone to accept your point of view even when it comes to small and insignificant matters? Do you enjoy being in the center of attention? Or maybe you are a complete opposite of that: Do you prefer following orders and being told what to do?

Or do you prefer to work alone without being told what to do or having anyone to lead? Life can be tough at times and we all have our unique strategies of dealing with fear, anxiety and negative emotions whether we are aware of them or not.

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How do you personally cope with these challenges? Do you lie to yourself? Do you deny the obvious? Do you overeat? Do you become aggressive and direct that aggression towards someone weaker than you? Do you come home and kick your cat because your boss is being mean to you?

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You might be doing these things without realizing. While the above test measures your unconscious coping techniques, this test analyzes your conscious coping strategies. When faced with a serious problem, do you decide to deal with it, or do you seek social support, or perhaps, you consciously avoid it?

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Are you naturally ambitious or do you struggle to get and stay motivated? Some people seem to get ahead in life quicker than others, which often allows them to have experiences many other people only wish to have. Their secret is their natural competitiveness, and of course we have a test for that too. Do you tend to avoid conflicts altogether for the sake of peace even when that means giving up on the things you want to have?