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Beef is nutritious

In the end, we went with two ideas submitted by multiple readers. The second method involves the use of a sous vide bath. This entails placing individual patties into sealed bags and then placing them into a water bath to slowly and evenly bring up the internal temperature before a final quick sear in the pan. The third method came from a reader, Bernie, who also happens to be a colleague of ours at Consumer Reports.

How to Enjoy Raw Meat Safely

We asked him how he would teach a student to cook the perfect burger to a safe temperature. His preferred method? In a nutshell, says Velie, it all comes down to controlling heat and controlling moisture. The tasters : Four trained Consumer Reports sensory panelists evaluated each method blindly, unaware of the different ways in which they were prepared, or that we were seeking to compare different cooking methods.

Each panelist tasted a sample of half a burger, and completed an individual ballot, commenting on texture and flavor, before a consensus was reached. Consumerist staffers also sampled each of the methods, mostly because we like eating food. Since we were in on all the details of the test, we sampled the food see our opinions in sidebar below away from the panelists so we could not influence their feedback.

All samples were a half a burger, tasted without any condiments, buns, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. We did dress some up for glamour shots and then we let interns eat them. First side cooked for three minutes, flipped and cooked for four on the second side. Patty was flipped one more time and cooked approx.

They were quite flavorful. Now the glamour shot:. They were flavorful and had other flavors such as garlic, Worcestershire sauce impression though it was really the steak sauce , and big peppery notes.

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However, the beef flavor was not as prominent clouded by the added flavors and they also had a bigger beef fat flavor than the Plain method. Glamour shot time:. The press guarantees that the resulting beef pancake will have an even thickness. Burgers were cooked covered on high heat in cast iron pans for about 1 minute each side, with Bernie cooking, until internal temp reached RESULTS Sensory panelists said : The burgers cooked this way had browned exteriors and the interior was flavorful but they had distinct beef fat flavor.

There was also the impression that these burgers were made from a finer grind of beef than the burgers cooked by the other methods, though the meat all came from the same batch of ground beef. Some tasters thought these burgers were also slightly chewy. Meat Raw meat may contain parasites and bacteria such as E. Thorough cooking destroys these harmful germs, but meat can become contaminated again if it is not handled and stored properly. For information about meat preparation, see these fact sheets.

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Poultry Raw poultry may contain harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and Campylobacter. Never wash raw poultry. Cook chicken to the proper temperature to kill germs. For information about poultry preparation, see these fact sheets.

My Steak Cooking Experiment

For information about handling turkey safely, see these fact sheets. Seafood A well-balanced diet that includes a variety of fish and shellfish can contribute to heart health and children's growth and development.

But raw seafood can contain toxins such as mercury or bacteria that can be destroyed only by cooking to the proper temperature. Learn more about selecting, preparing, and serving seafood safely. Eggs and egg products Eggs are one of nature's most nutritious and economical foods, but fresh eggs must be handled carefully.

Option 2. Serve some meat on top

Even eggs with clean, uncracked shells may occasionally contain Salmonella. To prevent food poisoning, keep eggs refrigerated, cook eggs until yolks are firm, and cook foods containing eggs thoroughly. Milk, cheese, and dairy products You can get very sick from raw milk and from dairy products made with raw milk, including soft cheeses such as queso fresco and brie, as well as ice cream and yogurt.

Learn why raw milk is risky. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices Fresh produce can pick up harmful bacteria from many sources, from contaminated soil and water to a contaminated cutting board. Fruit and vegetable juices must be treated to kill bacteria. Learn more about selecting and serving produce safely.

Buying & Preparing Meat & Poultry | Meat Poultry Nutrition |

Nuts, grains, and beans Nuts, grains, beans, and other legumes and their by-products are found in a wide variety of foods. Since these foods are ingredients in so many food products, contamination or mislabeling of allergens can pose a widespread risk. Learn more from the FDA about food allergens and what to do if symptoms occur. Bacteria are killed when food made with flour is cooked.