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Something I would truly use caution when requesting. You know who you are. I enjoy the presence of the grateful submissive whom knows and understands his place. I am open to the idea of and truly enjoy the training of a submissive man. One who is in search of greater fulfilling his role as a submissive. That is something you must do on your own. I hope you enjoy your visit and I do look forward to our time together.

Warmest regards, Mistress Texas. New Submissives:. All new potential submissives must complete an application. Do not contact me unless you have read this entire website and have completed an application form. Do not waste My time. Be prepared to discuss the details of Your application when I contact you. After reviewing Your application I will determine if you are a good candidate for serving Me.

I will contact You and we will determine the date and length of session at that time. No Shows will be exiled forever. To receive an invitation to speak with Mistress Texas. Copy and paste the following questions and your answers into the application form. Use the button below. There are NO right or wrong answers. I just want to understand you and your needs as they exist in you now. Please do not dwell on how to answer a particular question; let your natural, first reaction be your answer. Name: what you prefer to be called 2. Age: 3. Email: 4. Phone Number: 5. Can I leave a message at this number?

Where are you located? Are you able to meet with Me in the near future? When would you like to meet? Sexual Orientation: gay, bi, hetero, pansexual Briefly describe the extent of your submissive experiences: When was the last time you played? What are you limitations? Hard play limits, physical or mental limitations include any past traumas Pornstars : bella rossi , cherry torn.

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This hurts! She thinks, wide-eyed. This hurts a lot! Then she suddenly wonders what exactly she is doing, how exactly she could forget what spanking was like. Snake-bit, Jarman jumps away. He looks around the room, expecting a sudden audience, moves back into the first row of seats. His hands clutch the seat backs either side.

Ashley is immediately apologetic. She wants to rub it.

Taboo phone sex with naughty no limits girls! Anything goes!

Her eyes sting with tears and she blinks them rapidly away. Jarman moves slowly back to the desk, continuing to regard her warily. That idea she needs to dispel. Ashley nods. She understands. She understands only too well. Jarman has a brutal temper when provoked, a reputation for being vindictive. Jarman, by you. He places his hand on her right buttock, atop the outline of a partial handprint. Not by some old fart like me. Jarman looks her up from her rear end. Sound ricochets off the white block walls and Jarman hits her again and Ashley loses her composure.

Responsibility and moral judgment. Something you entirely lack. Her eyes are drawn down to narrow slits. He moves farther to his left and Ashley watches in apprehension over her shoulder. Tears leak down her face. What am I doing! She thinks. How much do you intend to give me! I have to sit dow-ouwn! His breathing and heart rate are elevated and he has an erection. It pushes out the front his trousers.

Either way, sitting down will be a problem you can worry about all week, my little Jewish Princess. So I can stay—AY out sick? He releases two more volleys on her left cheek and two more land on her right, making Ashley squeal. Have a—Ow!

His expression is serious. No more garters, no stockings, no tiny miniskirts and high heels. Ashley sniffles, rubs under her nose and across both cheeks. God, her tail stings! Rubbing it carefully, she nods, afraid to speak lest a hiccup interrupt her words. She always hiccups when crying. Now do me a favor and take off those ridiculous clothes. Still sniffling, Ashley releases the two catches holding the top of each nylon, removes her shoes, and slides the nylons down.

She is seriously embarrassed, if not quite humiliated.

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Jarman, she thought, would enjoy her this way. Ashley nods and he stands aside to let her off the desk. Suddenly uncomfortable with her bare lower half, Ashley bends down and picks up the bag. Sitting it on the closest desk, she removes her white Nikes and white ankle socks, then hurriedly puts them on. She does this standing, her back to Mr. Jarman, not letting him see her crotch. He lifts her by the waist onto the desktop.

She squirms, uncomfortably. Jarman leans forward. Ashley blinks again. I look like a whore? Garters and stockings are the current fad, sexy and cool. The guys just love it. Ashley tells him so. He touches her knee. Ashley looks down her body, down her long bare legs. Ashley says nothing. Her heart pounds her chest wall. Ashley looks down. Jarman has spread her legs enough for cool air to sneak between her open lips.

Her head swims. Her legs are opened further still. Ashley gulps loudly, emitting a sharp click from her gullet. She tries to speak but Jarman kisses her again and slips a finger between her legs, going all the way inside. Sitting frozen, staring wide-eyed at his face, her hands clutching the edge of the desk, Ashley suddenly melts into him and his kiss. She is cross-eyed, finding it difficult to breath and blinking in confusion.

Somehow, Mr. It makes her shudder. Jarman smiles. He is the first. She nods. Virginity is—was—a distinction she alone holds amongst her friends. No male has ever seen her bottom bare, much less put anything inside. Then she grins hugely. Jarman looks gives her a disapproving look. Ashley pouts. At times, Ashley can be fatally seductive. Jarman indicates her backpack. And something a little more appropriate than this? And my shorts, of course.

You want me to put them on? He helps her off the desk. If someone had suggested to Ashley she might be putting her school clothes back on this evening, she would have laughed. Now, peeking self-consciously over her shoulder, she steps into her white underwear and pulls them to her waist. Then she pulls down the miniskirt and sets it aside, and after removing her white shorts and shaking them out, steps into them.

She adjusts herself, thinking, this is so crazy! Jarman takes her hand. Jarman mouth turns up in an mischievous grin. Her tail hurts enough as it is and she tries a demure, conciliatory smile. Jarman crooks a finger, indicates the desktop beside the one holding her backpack. She deserves to be thoroughly beaten- -she admits that—secured to a wooden stock and flailed bare-bottomed in front of the whole campus. With news reporters in attendance.

Still, she bites her thumbnail and shakes her head. She is led to the wooden desk. Ashley places herself on the table from the hips up, bottom left in jeopardy. A hundred and eighty degree heat burns her face. She slips both thumbs inside the waistband and slides down her shorts to just above the knee. Knowing hesitation will only make matters worse, she then removes her panties in the same way and her bottom is again gloriously bare.

Jarman laughs again. Jarman spanks her again, then a third time, then again and again and Ashley struggles to get off the table. Held her fast with a hand in the small of her back, Jarman beats her. Jarman keeps her tight to the table. Suddenly he stops and the silence is almost deafening. Each new blow shoots off a reverberation of sound that echoes up and down the classroom, down the corridors, and all the way from one end of the building to the other.

Jarman continues her spanking and this surpasses any spanking Ashley has ever received. Possibly any five. The pain radiates from her bottom and into her legs and back, through her internal organs. Her vagina feels it, as does her uterus, and her bowels. Her belly cramps. She lets off a series of explosive farts, unable to hold them in and smells herself and wants to die.

Worse, though she is wailing and pleading and crying with all her might, her torment is getting worse. Jarman places each hit directly on one cheek, making sure the blow is centered, then hits the other. Her ears ring from the impacts. He shakes his right hand. I never knew spanking could be so painful. Ashley screams, kicks her feet trying to land a blow to his groin, bounces on the table. Jarman continues to pant. Ashley understands immediately. Jarman laughs and Ashley kicks and struggles and weeps incredibly hot tears.

Her nose pours out mucous and urine has escaped her bladder. She is wet down the inside of both thighs.

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Getting words through her brain is impossible. Her whole universe has collapsed to the shape of her livid bottom. It burns like a hot plate. He wishes it were himself providing the care.

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Then he gently spreads her cheeks, exposing the only part of her bottom not scarlet with pain. Her anus. Then he penetrates her, inserting his middle finger fully inside. Ashley groans, places her forehead on the cool wood of the table and tightens her anus. It begins to gently explore. Jarman moves behind her and Ashley hears his zipper come down.

She raises her head and looks to the ceiling for guidance. Then a thick warm mass presses against her anus and her anus gives way and she grips the side of the table and waits for what she receives next. To her surprise, Jarman removes her shoes. Ashley groans.

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Ashley throws back her head, grimacing. A hot curling iron has invaded her ass. She reaches back desperately and tries to push Jarman away, but Jarman grasps her wrists and holds her immobile. Only halfway in, blood pumps through it at incredible pressure, each heartbeat causing a corresponding thud.

She is deliciously hot and tight. He grins at her protestations. No student has ever caused more grief that Ashley Shirer. But Jarman is not a brutal man and, in truth, his desire for Ashley is nearly as strong as his anger. He relents and lets her anus adjust. Ashley grimaces at a spasm. She rests her head on the table. The pain, finally, is beginning to ease. Jarman, meanwhile, has dropped his underwear and pants. He raises her higher, making his penis go straight up and down.

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She grips the legs of the desk so tightly her arms shake and a strong tremble racks her whole body. Her anus spasms around his cock. He has settled deeper into her now, more than half his length. The shear power of arousal has his testicles wrapped tight to his shaft and little separates him from climax.

Ashley grunts as more of her rectum is filled. Jarman bottoms out. The taut ring of muscle grips him with feverish, almost painful intensity. His scrotum nestles against her baby soft lips. He keeps himself still. He feels her slightly relax. She is beginning to respond to his attention. Being done up the butt was not on her agenda tonight she never even considered anal sex with Jarman , yet Jarman inside her is not all that bad. Once you get around the pain.

And despite her horrifically demeaning posture, Ashley is quite turned on. Maybe what her friend Rachel said was true: Girls are happiest when controlled and told what to do. Her anus spasms and Ashley moans. She pushes upward, until Jarman bottoms out again, then shudders violently. Ashley scrapes hair away from her face and shudders. Her anus, relaxing at last, grips and relaxes, sucking Jarman like a hungry mouth. Ashley moans. Hell, no! Time and time again, sex with a responsive partner was what kept cavemen coming back.

He is now pistoning up and down in her bottom with his entire length, bottoming out and then withdrawing until a mere half an inch remains. Occasionally, he comes out entirely, leaving her open. When he reenters, the air inside becomes compressed and Ashley loudly farts.

Jarman laughs. He is arrayed over her so that every plunge fills her completely, every pull upward leaves her bottom empty and agape. Her tail squeaks, burps and farts incessantly, making Jarman laugh harder. Ashley wants to find a deep hole and crawl in. My knees are killing me! Jarman screws her several moments longer, then stops. He thinks for a moment, remembers Mrs. Burrows and her patchwork quilt. Ashley remains open, her rectum a soft pink well. Jarman impulsively blows in the opening, and Ashley jerks. Her anus is a puckered little mouth, and Jarman inserts his finger just as the little mouth sucks shut.

Ashley, her rectum undergoing a massive and painful convulsion, nods. Jarman removes his finger and before Ashley can react, she finds the finger in her mouth. From the hallway he issues another command. All of it! Miffed and confused, Ashley looks about, her mouth open. The taste makes her gag. Opening her backpack, she removes a small packet of tissues, uses them to wipe her tongue. She shivers again. She has yet to close her mouth. Tired of her hair hanging about, Ashley pulls it into a ball on top of her head and, retrieving an elastic band from her backpack, hastily secures it.

Her bangs fall over her forehead in total disarray. Irritated, she blows them back. She is in serious pain, both from her spanking and the brutal attack on her rectum. The room says nothing back. First kicking out of her shorts, Ashley pulls out her pleated uniform skirt, then shakes loose the wrinkles and puts it on.