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Dilating Doorways. Industrial Music Factory. I got in touch with an atelier outside of Mexico City that works with century-old stonecarvers, ancient woodworkers — all these craftsmen that are so representative of Central American lineage. We started working together to find local materialities.

Men In Black 3: The Abridged Script | The Editing Room

One of the materials I landed on — which is the basis for the side chair and side table — is called cantera. You can get varying textures and hair lengths, so all of the upholstered pieces are different lengths of alpaca. I wanted a more delicate, parchment-like, interior finish just to bring some movement to the piece.

Home Departments Up and Coming. Tags: American design , chubby , emerging designers , furniture , Mexico , plaster.

Labor in White Skin: Race and Working-class History

Previous Story. Next Story Next Story. Related Stories In her pieces, these references are reinterpreted through a distinctly Australian lens, with colors and textures from the coastline captured through material choices such as travertine, mirrored glass, ceramic, and linen. Ancient trade routes, Greek and Roman sculptures — these are the things that inspire the Stockholm-based, Scottish-born designer, whom we first featured when he was graduating from Konstfack a few years back.

His thesis project there spawned an instant classic — the White Lies table, which features a marble-topped column with a richly saturated gradient fading down its trunk. Since then, Ross has been thinking about and working on this new collection, which he's debuting at the Milan furniture fair next week. That's a terrible Warhol impression.

What is this, a bad Saturday Night Live skit? Here's Michael Stuhlbarg. He can see the future, but not in a way that's remotely helpful to anyone, including himself. There are several timelines where I die here at The Factory. There are others where only random extras die here. Guess which one this is? Remember that scene in The Dark Knight when a motorcycle pops out of the bottom of the Batmobile? We've got one last chance to stop him!

We have to get to Cape Canaveral in less than 12 hours! What, did you bring the entire World Book Encyclopedia back with you? No one cares! Let's go! Because apparently the Men In Black never thought to buy a Cessna. Or fly commercial. Good thing this wasn't one of the many timelines where we crashed and died on the way here. And now, in my very next sentence, let me warn you that death is unavoidable from timeline to timeline. Where there's death, there will always be death. Just this tiny box that sets up an impenetrable force field around your planet that for some reason my people didn't use to protect ours.

Go put it on the Apollo 11 as it launches for the moon, and the Earth will be safe from Jemaine's people and only Jemaine's people forever. Not only that, but it's also a genocidal device that will eradicate Jemaine's race from the universe. Good thing they're just aliens and not, you know, sentient and unique individuals like humans are. That would be a real downer for a screwball sci-fi comedy. And now that the screenwriter is done with me, I'm going to inexplicably walk away. Why didn't you give us the McGuf-Net months ago? Why wait until minutes before the launch?

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Do you love watching people race against the clock, or are you just an asshole, or what?