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Erskine cautions that often supposed alien views of Rome are themselves Roman constructs.

The chapter discusses Romanization, noting that the older view of Romans-as-civilizers has given way to more nuanced ways of looking at cultural ex change. The imperial cult receives lengthy treatment pp. The chapter concludes with a section on rebellions and revolts.

Chapter Five "The Ruler," pp. The nature of Roman administration is considered, followed by two sections that look at the impact of empire on the urban topography and population of the city of Rome. Little of controversy is noted in these sections.

The impact of the growth of empire on the Italian countryside is more controversial. Erskine lays out the traditional model imperial expansion went hand-in-hand with rural displacement and a rise of a slave economy as the second century BC , and he mentions challenges that have been raised. Turning to Part II, it would be impossible to mention all of the passages and pedantic to give a long list of omissions that "should have been included. The most interesting feature is the inclusion of less typical sources: several inscriptions and some more unusual visual evidence e.

My main criticism is that the introductory sections for each passage are too brief to provide adequate background and context. There follows an annotated Further Readings pp. The Further Readings and Bibliography in particular would aid an advanced undergraduate working on a research paper.

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So, on the whole, Roman Imperialism is readable, concise, largely persuasive, provides a solid narrative of Roman expansion during the Republic, offers a wide-ranging historiographic survey albeit one that slants toward republican scholarship , and brings together an impressive number of ancient passages.

Why, then, would I not order this book for one of my classes? To answer this, I will quote again from the Series Editors' Preface p.

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They also contain the important evidence on which the arguments are based, including texts in translation , archaeological data and visual material. This allows the readers to judge how convincing the arguments are and to enter the debates themselves. This is what I try to do when teaching, especially upper-division and topics courses: present students with different interpretations to historical problems and expose them to the often-ambiguous evidence invoked in support of the various theories.

On the whole, Roman Imperialism fails to fulfill this mission. Erskine frequently mentions that there is debate or controversy over some aspect of Roman imperialism yet provides primary sources to support only one side of the debate, or when evidence is presented for both sides, one position is discredited explicitly or implicitly. In his survey of modern proponents of defensive imperialism pp.

Meanwhile, the relationship between war and glory and war and wealth are laid out in much greater detail and keyed to numerous ancient passages. Cornell notes template. The Sportula - Microgrants for Classics undergrads. You must attend each meeting of the course to attain a good grade. The information that I provide in lecture is not readily available through any of our course materials, and while I will make my slides available, they will not have the sort of detailed notes that you should be taking in class.

Make sure to have at least one class buddy who can give you notes if you need to miss a meeting, or come see me in office hours. If you must miss a class meeting for any reason, please inform me as soon as you know of the absence via e-mail before the class meeting begins , and we will correspond accordingly. It bears repeating: if you will miss class for any reason, you must e-mail me before that class period begins to let me know! See the full Excused Absence Policy here.

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Contact information for the Office of Disability Services can be found here. If you are already registered with Disability Services, please be sure to get your accommodation letters and deliver them to me in a timely fashion. Instructors need days advance notice to be able to facilitate the process of receiving testing accommodations. Studying Roman literature at Holy Cross is one way to challenge a centuries-long tradition that reserved the study of the ancient world for a privileged elite.

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The challenge goes beyond simply welcoming students however they identify their race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual tradition, or socioeconomic background. As we work to see the multicultural world of the ancient Mediterranean through the original thoughts of Latin speakers and writers, we reflect on and actively explore how this can help us recognize and respond to structures of power and privilege in our own lives.

This work is especially important today, when historically false images of the ancient world are being invoked to support particular political viewpoints. If you feel overwhelmed and need extra help, please do not hesitate to visit me in office hours or e-mail me.


Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question. The quizzes will involve objective information, e. More detailed information will come as the first paper deadline approaches. More details to come. The final grade will be calculated as a percentage out of ; then, it will be converted to a letter grade according to the following scheme:. As Birgitta Hoffmann remarked in of Tacitus' Agricola , "Unfortunately the first thing that happens in bilingual versions like the Loebs is that most of this apparatus vanishes and, if you use a translation, there is usually no way of knowing that there were problems with the text in the first place.

In , the Loeb Classical Library Foundation and Harvard University Press launched the digital Loeb Classical Library, described as "an interconnected, fully searchable, perpetually growing, virtual library of all that is important in Greek and Latin literature. The listings of Loeb volumes at online bookstores and library catalogues vary considerably and are often best navigated via ISBN numbers.

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