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Adelynt [Benevolent Tree Spirit]. There is one Angry Tree Spirit that occasionally paths right through the middle of this camp. Lunkett [Angren Commando]. Lasya [Angren Commando]. Ritoloya [Silvershadow Adventurer's Band].

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Derrik [Angren Commando]. Sadathen [Angren Commando]. Madison Mull [Alliance Officer]. Mofett [Angren Commando]. Kashida [Angren Commando]. Belasian [Angren Commando]. Wuleen [Fanatical Archaeologist].

Object: Battered Box. Sandy Loff [Ailic's Researcher]. Sharpclaw Saik [Fierce Fang Warrior].

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Thunderbolt Lessard [Fierce Fang Warrior]. Lohmond Jude [Ailic's Captain]. Nynke unlocked by Glancing Back in the Dawn of War quest series. Colin Hertz.

Old Tongue

Sholansar [Alliance Warrior] unlocked by the completion of Abnormal. Macca Yolee [Camp Medic]. Celonais [Holy Stone Instructor]. Worr Jones [Camp Intelligence Officer]. Chady Worr [Ailic's Community]. Zhadin Bloodfang [Limon Elite Soldier]. Hobb Irontooth [Limon Elite Soldier]. Leon Entero [Camp Captain]. Jon states he may keep them if he wishes, but Tormund refuses; he will not let it be said he made the rest of his people give up their wealth while he kept his. The peace means free folk warriors will garrison the abandoned castles along the Wall to help the Night's Watch defend it from the Others, while the non-martial free folk will be settled on the Gift and the New Gift.

Jon re-garrisons Oakenshield as Tormund's seat, and takes Tormund's son Dryn as his page. Another son, Toregg, burns the dead to prevent them from becoming wights. When Cotter Pyke' Eastwatch fleet report back desperate situations at Hardhome, Jon asks Tormund to march with him on land to rescue the stranded people.

However, Jon changes his plans when he receives a threatening letter from Ramsay Bolton , and calls for volunteers to march with him to Winterfell and confront Ramsay. After hearing the letter's contents, Tormund agrees to lead the ranging to Hardhome in Jon's stead. However, after the meeting, Jon is attacked and stabbed by mutineers led by Bowen Marsh. Tormund is played by Kristofer Hivju in the television adaption of the series of books. After joining up with a clan of the cannibalistic Thenns, Tormund leads the Wildlings in a rampage through the lands south of the Wall, including a sack of Mole's Town.

During the Battle of Castle Black, he duels and severely wounds Ser Alliser Thorne, but is brought down by several arrows and taken prisoner. After his wounds are healed by Maester Aemon, Jon briefly approaches him, and he tells Jon that Ygritte loved him, citing Ygritte's apparent desire to kill him as proof. He asks Jon to burn Ygritte north of the Wall. Tormund is later present at Mance's execution, and is visibly saddened at his friend's death. He is eventually freed by Jon, whom he accompanies to Hardhome, where he attempts to convince the local wildlings to join the Night's Watch in the battle against their common enemy.

As Hardhome is overrun by wights, Tormund ferociously fights them off and escapes to the boats with Jon.

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He later passes through the Wall and into the Seven Kingdoms along with the remaining wildlings. After Jon's assassination by Ser Alliser and his mutineers, Tormund and the Wildlings are summoned by Edd Tollett to help capture them.

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Jon is later resurrected by the red priestess Melisandre , and Tormund tells him that some of the Wildlings believe him to be a god. Tormund becomes quickly attracted to Brienne of Tarth and attempts to court her, although she doesn't seem interested by his advances. After Ramsay sends a letter to Jon threatening to exterminate the Starks and the Wildlings if Sansa is not returned, Tormund accompanies Jon and Sansa in gathering men to fight the Boltons, persuading the Wildlings to fight for Jon in return for his assistance.

Tormund later participates in the Battle of the Bastards, killing Lord Smalljon Umber, biting off his ear in the process. Following the battle, he is amongst those who declare Jon King in the North. Jon sends Tormund and the wildlings to reinforce Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, the Night Watch's fortress closest to Hardhome. Some time later, scouts find the Brotherhood Without Banners and Sandor Clegane attempting to pass through the Wall, and interns them in Eastwatch's ice cells. Although displeased at having to ally with Jeor Mormont 's son, Tormund, the Brotherhood, and the Hound join Jon's allies beyond the Wall.

The expedition is successful in capturing a wight, but are soon surrounded by the White Walkers and their army of wights.

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The group is on the verge of being overwhelmed by wights when Daenerys arrives with her dragons to take them to safety, but one of the dragons, Viserion, is killed by the Night King in the battle. Soon after, the White Walkers and their army finally march on the Wall. The Night King, which has reanimated Viserion, uses the dragon to destroy Eastwatch and the section of the Wall behind the castle, allowing the army of the dead to march on the Seven Kingdoms and seemingly trapping Tormund and Beric Dondarrion on top of the remaining part of the Wall.

Tormund and Beric are able to escape the Wall and retreat to Winterfell. Along the way they stop at Last Hearth, which they find has already been overwhelmed by the White Walkers, and encounter Dolorous Edd and the Night's Watch. Tormund realises that they must reach Winterfell to warn its defenders of the dead's proximity, and arrive on the eve of the White Walkers' arrival. Tormund participates in the ensuing battle, and is amongst the survivors when the Night King is finally defeated.

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He then tells Jon that he is returning his people north of the wall after the worst of winter has passed. Jon asks him to take his direwolf, Ghost, with him, saying he belongs in the North. Jon is exiled to the Night's Watch again after killing Daenerys, and is reunited with Tormund. Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju has received positive reviews for his performance as Tormund Giantsbane in the television series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Character in A Song of Ice and Fire. Television : " The Iron Throne " Toregg [1] Torwynd [1] Dormund [1] Dryn [1] Munda [1].

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